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Humicin Wholesale Agreement

The following is the One Lotus LLC. Products Wholesale Agreement:

This online application is submitted to One Lotus LLC. Products (the “Company”) and any company who completes the wholesale purchase of One Lotus LLC. Products brand products (the “purchaser”).  The Humicin wholesaler program is specifically designed for legitimate physical location store type businesses.  Internet selling is prohibited under this program.  Internet sales agreements are managed under the Humicin Affiliates program.   Among other documents, all applicants will be required to submit photographs of signage and their actual store during business hours.


Orders can be taken over the Internet at Humicin.com

Wholesalers Questions should be referred to:

One Lotus LLC.

PO Box 3913
Sedona, Arizona 86340
Customer Service Phone: 928–202-4142
Email: [email protected]


Pricing is displayed to approved wholesalers inside the online purchasing system


The Wholesale payment options are available via the www.Humicin.com website.

Terms and Conditions

RETURNED GOODS & SHIPPING PROBLEMS: Please have your invoice number when calling customer service. All claims should be reported within 10 business days of the receipt of the order. Claims submitted after 30 days will not be honored. Goods over 3 months old will not be accepted for credit. It will be our discretion whether a bottle is defective merchandise and needs to be destroyed.

All accounts must complete a One Lotus LLC. Wholesale Agreement. State law requires us to have a copy of your state resale tax certificate, business license and/or tax Identification number. We are unable to accept or process orders without a completed Wholesale Agreement.

“VENDOR” Refers to company or individual receiving/purchasing Humicin products from One Lotus LLC. “WHOLESALER” Refers to One Lotus LLC.

1) Vendor will provide wholesaler with accurate contact and location information.

2) Vendor will pay shipping costs on all orders.

3) Initial order minimums apply as presented in the online ordering system.

4) Wholesaler will accept the following forms of payment via Humicin.com:

NOTE: Payment to be made upon placing an order.

5) Unopened/tampered with returned bottles will be charged a 25% restocking fee on the initial order and a 15% restocking fee thereafter.

6) Merchandise guaranteed to be free from defects. Only damaged merchandise will be accepted for return. Returns will only be accepted within 10 days of shipment at the discretion of One Lotus LLC.

7) Prices are subject to change at any time as presented in the online ordering system.

9) In the event shipments are damaged it is the responsibility of the vendor to return products to wholesaler for credit/replacement.

10) We require that you use the existing Humicin name, slogans, fonts, colors, logos, etc. rather than create your own unique identity and business style.

During this agreement, the vendor, vendor’s employees, vendor’s business locations can sell Humicin™ to private individual parties only, and agree not to set up in business as a direct or indirect competitor of One Lotus LLC. or its sister companies.

Vendor agrees not to directly compete with One Lotus LLC at Spiritual events, Art and Wine Festivals, trade shows, fairs, wholesale shows, retail shows, any type of indoor or outdoor festivals, retail store front or any similar type store unless otherwise authorized directly by One Lotus LLC.

The Vendor and their associates agree not to compete with One Lotus LLC. while doing business with One Lotus LLC. or it’s sister companies. While this agreement is in force, the vendor and their associates agree to abide by this non-compete agreement and the terms of this agreement. At all times while this agreement is in force and after its expiration or termination, the vendor and their associates agree to refrain from participating in the above mentioned festivals, trade shows, fairs, etc. for duration of three years and within the states of Arizona, California & Nevada.

After expiration or termination of this agreement, the vendor and their associates agree to respect the confidentiality One Lotus LLC patents, trademarks, and trade secrets, and not to disclose them to anyone. The Vendor and their associates agree to pay liquidated damages in the amount of $100,000.00 for any violation of the covenant not to compete.

By registering and purchasing One Lotus LLC. Products via the Vendor / Affiliate / Wholesalers options you are hereby acknowledging and accepting the terms and conditions listed above and acknowledge your responsibility to submit the required documents for approval before making your first purchase for resale.

Once you have registered please allow 12 to 24 hours for system approval.When approved, we will send you an email with your access information. Thank you for your interest in Humicin products and we look forward to working with you.

(Please write down any user or passwords you create during the registration process)