Product Information:

Humic acid is a long chain molecule that is part of the substance humic compound.  The molecule has a high molecular weight, is dark brown in color and soluble in an alkaline solution. The most significant characteristic of this illusive molecular complex is its ability to provide balance on a microscopic level. This amazing trait is due to humic acid’s ability to accept and donate electrons.   For centuries, ancient cultures have applied Humic Acid’s powerful characteristics to promote and maintain good health. The molecule’s ability to bind to both positive and negatively charged ions makes it possibly the most powerful anti-oxidant and free-radical scavenger known.  Humicin™ tablets come in a one month supply bottle of 60 tablets. Suggested serving is two tablets daily for healthy maintenance. Each serving contains 40mg of pure Fulvic Acid and 30mg of pure Humic Acid targeted ingredient. We don’t use any “complex” ingredients to hide the weight value of our potent ingredient. Humicin contains highly purified forms of these dietary ingredients synthesized for your body.”.

This is the recommended ratio pre-blended by our manufacturing process to optimize the effectiveness in the body's system. One of the unique aspects of Humicin™ is that it is a powder based tablet, not a liquid requiring special handling. Scientifically they can show that there is NO difference in effect if Humic or Fulvic acid is ingested as a liquid or a powder.

Humicin has been shaped in the form of a normal pill but can be easily chewed, so it will not break apart until it gets into the body. There are no preservatives or chemicals added, and the binding agent to hold the humic and fulvic powder together is pure honey and a little corn starch. It makes it taste good, and it holds everything together without gel capsules or chemicals.

Humicin is a concentrated form of Humic and Fulvic Acid. After 20 years of formula development and study in a lab in Hungary, it has been found that a person should ideally ingest 2- 3 grams of Humicin each month. Anything below this amount does not work to its maximum potential.

With Humicin, 60 tablets per month gives you an optimal 2.1 grams of Humic and Fulvic together, which is the number of tablets in one bottle. We are sure that Humicin is one of the best and most economical Fulvic/Humic formulations on the market.  We invite you to do a competitive analysis and you will find what we know; that Humicin is absolutely the highest quality consistent formula at any price. We know you will love the tablet form, over our competitor's liquid and liquid concentrates. Now you can affordably and easily take the biggest step to achieving your health goals.

If you aren't totally 100% happy and satisfied with your entire purchase. Send us the empty bottle and an explanation of why you aren’t totally happy and we will send you a refund for the full amount of your purchase minus shipping and handling costs.

Important Facts:

  • The tablets do not contain preservatives, gluten, soy, colorings, or harmful fillers

  • All natural ingredients taken from safe plant based sources

  • Small Chewable tablet

  • 100% Sterile

  • One Month Supply in every bottle

  • Proper PH and good taste

Easily crushed and blended with Juice, Smoothies or other foods.

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