One Lotus Customer Care - Testimonials

How to post your Video or Text Testimonials and Positive Stories:

Step 1. First you will need to post your video testimonial to one of the many Free Social Media websites available today. These websites have no costs associated with uploading videos. Below are links to several of the top free video websites available. (Here is an example site using YouTube)

Step 2. Once your video is uploaded please access the Testimonial and Comments section of and paste in or type your video website address / URL where your video testimonial/story is located along with your phone or email & current mailing address so we can send you your 2 free bottles of Humicin™. It’s that easy!!!

Links to Video Posting Websites that allow for “FREE” Video Posting

Appeal: The video-sharing site everyone's already heard of.  Mindshare-winner by a mile.
Interface: Tabbed pages feature ratings, favorites, flagging, tagging, and commenting. 

Google Video
Appeal: It's Google.
Interface: Typically clean and sparse Google layout.  Uploading requires you download the Google Video Uploader. 

Appeal: YouTube with a file-sharing application built on top.
Interface: For full functionality, requires an application download.

Appeal: Create, edit, and remix video online.
Interface:  Slick interface feels more like an application than a web page. 

Appeal:  "The Global Home for Grassroots Media."
Interface: Slow, confusing, and messy.  Requires an Internet Archive account.

Appeal: YouTube with monetization.
Interace: Quicktime-based.  Requires you to download a client for uploading content. 

Appeal: Lets you painlessly upload video of any format to the web and post it to other sites or share it with friends.
Interface: Requires you download an application in order to upload. 

Appeal: Flickr for video.
Interface: Nice and clean, uses a flash wrapper to play native formats. 

Appeal: "The fastest, easiest way to upload, watch and share your favorite video clips."
Interface: All Web 2.0'd-out.  Big fonts, AJAX, tagging, rating, reviewing, RSS feeds.

Appeal: Easy-to-use video uploading and remixing.
Interface: Bright and colorful.  Tagging, forums, groups.  Not a lot of community features.