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Humicin™ Testimonial & Positive Comments Program!

During 2010 many Humicin™ users called in and told us about their exciting experiences with Humicin™ products.

In 2011 we want to share that information with everyone so we have installed a “Testimonial & Positive Story” system allowing all our users to share their positive stories and comments. We would love to hear your stories of success, so much so anyone who sends us a link to their “Video” testimonial will get 2 bottles of Humicin™ Pure absolutely free!! That’s over $100 dollars of Humicin™ absolutely free!!

Additionally, anyone who sends in a text testimonial will receive 1 bottle of Humicin™ Pure absolutely free!!

For more information on how to post your ‘Video” testimonial please follow this link or use the link provided below and get
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scott mcgivern



The Humicin tablets have had an incredible effect on my personal well-being and mental clarity. My heath and fitness seems to have improved and overall makes me feel much better. Thankyou for all the great advice. Scott




Humicin is one of the very best products available on the market. It enhances energy and mental clarity to higher levels to face any day to day challenges !! Your life will never be the same! Yoann, France

Jami Martin



Thank you for an extraordinary product! Three months ago, I had a hair analysis taken that revealed I was off the chart for toxins in copper, aluminum, nickel and lead poisoning. With a corrective nutrition plan, detoxing herbs and proper mineral and vitamin supplements, I was told by medical experts to expect detox and rebalancing in my health to take about a year to start really seeing and feeling significant release of the heavy metals in my body. I followed the plan as best I could for two months as advised, and on the third month I added Humicin to help boost the work I was doing. At the end of three months, I retested with hair analysis so changes could be revealed and modifications to my nutrition plan and supplements could be made. The program directors and the consulting doctor were amazed at the results. Traditionally after a three month retest, the toxic levels should have shown even higher as evidence that I really was detoxing metals, and mineral balance rations would show slight improvement as it was expected that significant healing occurs about a year into the detox program. My results showed all of my metal levels less than half of what they were three months prior, and my mineral ratios were coming into balance earlier than normally expected. Doctors claimed they had never seen anything like it. They believed I was a star patient in following directions and doing everything they advised and being unique to succeed so quickly. I know it is more than that it was the Humicin! Thank you! I am continuing with my detox program, and continuing with the miracle help of Humicin. It ought to be fun to see the results in my next hair analysis in a few months! Thanks Again, Jami Lee




My best chiropractor recommend me the Pure tablet to treat candidal infection. Hope it works! 

bruce watson



I started taking humicin about three weeks ago and I cant believe how much more energy I have.I also have more mental clarity.Ive tried many other liquid products,but none of them compared to Humicin.

Dani Lodes



Taking the Ferrous Humicin has for me has shown a noticeable increase in energy and in addition mental clarity. I tend to be low in iron so I like having the option of choosing between a product with an iron additive and the Pure when my body needs additional detoxifying.




Hi, I have one question to make, when we will all join as a group at one place? to be One, people like me needs to feel like one, with or without generating chaos but seeing us. well I just wonder if I could have an answer on the website Saludos from Chile

One Lotus Team



The One Lotus Team would like to say hello to Amy Vaughn of the United States, our newest "Affiliate" partner. Amy says she plans to initially utilize word of mouth with friends, family and her immediate social and professional network circles.

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Welcome aboard Amy, we wish you the very best!




I love Humicin man, this stuff makes me feel soooooo good!

Roy Young



I love this stuff! It really works!

Answer by Admin.



Thank Roy we are happy to provide this to you!!




Ferrous Humicin has been a godsend to me and my family. We love it!!

Answer by Admin.



ok checkin}

Erin G.



I have suffered with osteoporosis for 10 yrs and I have been taking the traditional pills and bio phosphate injections with very little success so I stopped all medication 2 yrs ago. 4 months ago I started your product. My last bone density scan shows an increase of 11% which has got my doctors puzzled since l am not on medication! I will continue to take humic acid (as this was the only thing that l took extra) and keep you informed of next scan result. Thanks. Erin G, England




I have a mother recovering from type-3 breast cancer. Using the recurring purchase option I am automatically sending her a bottle of Selenium Humicin every month. The research we did showed that Selenium plus Fulvic/Humic acids support healthy cell rejuvenation without interfering with hormones associated with breast cancer. I feel very good about helping my mother and she has reported a boost in energy as she goes through the treatments. DM / Phoenix AZ




I switched to Humicin five months ago after taking a liquid fulvic acid product for just over a year. Upon switching to Humicin, I regained my energy and forgot that I ever had allergies.