Humicin Affiliate Announcement

Get The Word Out!!!!

We’ve got a very exciting announcement today. We’re launching our “Get the Word Out Campaign” with the new Affiliate Program.  Plus there’s a twist we think you’ll really like.

Now and Forever

Many affiliate programs pay cash on new referrals. Our new “Get the Word Out” program does that too. However, we wanted to take this a big step further for you.

Our customers have reported the recurring billing program to be a great fit for today’s busy families. Our recurring billing system allows customers to purchase Humicin products and automatically have them resent to their house with no additional effort.

We felt it was fitting that anyone who referred a recurring customer our way should also benefit. So that’s what we’ve done and here is how we have done it!!

Earn $5.00 on every sign-up and $5.00 on every future recurring order!!!

When a customer signs up using your affiliate ID, you’ll earn $5.00 for every order (after they make that first payment), then $5.00 of every future monthly reorder for the life of their account. As you refer more and more customers, your automatic recurring revenue can really begin to add up.

How much can I make?

At this time only Humicin products from One Lotus are part of the program and we may add additional products and programs down the road, but for now the sky is the limit!!

The rules are simple, if someone signs up for a Humicin Club Special recurring billing plan using your Affiliate ID, you can earn $5 for each order. Then, if they continue with the recurring club special you receive $5 for each additional order.

If you are a customer who signed up for our “Original Introduction Deep Discount Club”, this new “Get the Word Out” Affiliate program will only require sharing with 8 people and effectively you get your Humicin for free!!!!

Why are we doing this?

Let’s face it, in today’s tough economy every penny counts and we have had several customers who love Humicin but have had to cancel their monthly subscription due to economic hardship. Humicin is such a positive product and we believe no family should go without. That is why we are offering this program.

We know not everybody has a big network and we know the challenges some of you are facing. That is why we set the reward so high; requiring only minimal referrals to get your own order absolutely free.

Check your earnings in real time

Once you’ve signed up, you can log-in and check the “My Earnings” section to see your earnings in real time. You’ll see a chart that looks like this:

Easy promotional tools

Anyone can use the affiliate program whether you have your own website or not. If you have a website, your “My Earnings” page will provide you with code for links and Graphics to insert in your own website. The system links and graphics will contain your own affiliate ID so all you need to do is insert them on your website and you are all set up.

For Affiliates who don’t have websites, the final purchase pages in our shopping cart provide a place for your referrals to enter your Affiliate ID.  Feel free to use our website and the PDF Handouts with all the information you will need.

Most of our affiliates are using a combination of the PDF printable documents and links on their own websites and on their social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, IM, Twitter, etc.

The PDF is for you to hand out and share with family and friends; we will continue to develop additional documents as the program progresses.

Get paid often

Payments will begin once you've earned more than $5. If you never earn more than $5 you will not be paid. But once you have, you'll receive payments roughly every 5 days as long as your payment balance is over $5. We can only support payments using PayPal at this time (no exceptions can be made).

Pay Pal utilizes a secured payment option which allows us to send you your reward and we will pay the transfer fee. That's right; Humicin will pay the transfer fee so you receive the entire $5.00.

One-time payment purchases

Yes, you'll earn the $5 commission reward for even a one-time $58 single bottle purchase, once your referral customer uses your Affiliate ID and completes their first payment.

Sign up today and get started promoting and earning!

Signing up for the Affiliate Program, it takes just a few seconds. Then you’re off and running, promoting, and earning.

We fully expect some motivated people will ultimately be able to make a nice living off referring Humicin products through the Affiliate Program. The income you can make off the recurring revenue model will really begin to add up.

We have a lot of fun stuff planned for the new Humicin Affiliate Program. We’re excited to see where this goes. We wish you the best success and hope to hear your success stories!

Special thanks

This is our special thanks to all our loyal customers who signed up for the introductory launch of - this affiliate program is now open to anyone who wants to help get the word out!

Got other questions?

Please review to the help section for additional frequently asked questions, frequently given answers, and other clarifications. You should also review our Terms of Service for complete details.